+ Surra Magazine

With the intention of visually communicating a dialogue between the Surrealism Movement, Minotaure Magazine and The 5 human senses, the design of the Surra Magazine aims to compel users to transgress conventional boundaries of a standard magazine. As a design team we took this on as a great challenge to develop design outcomes that don't include the notion of the ‘standard magazine.'

Developed in a group for an academic project, 2010 (Brazil).
Design Team: Antônio Fraga, Diego Oliveira, Larissa Tamayoshi, Rafael Regatieri e Raphael Oliveira

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As soon as the Surra Magazine is opened the user is made to transgress the boundaries of their perceptions of a standard Magazine. This will be executed by placing the index in two directions, thus forcing the reader to perform the act of physically rotating the book as a symbolic gesture of reframing their state of mind.

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